Mia is 25 and studies in the School of Art and Design of Amiens (France) after a master's degree in Literature and Publishing in Paris. She likes to read books, design books and eat. If she hadn’t studied Litterature or Design, she would probably have become a food critic (or an Opera singer but that’s a whole other story).


Since 2019 : DNSEP (School of Art and Design, Amiens)

2016-2019 : National Art Diploma with honours (School of Art and Design, Amiens)

2015-2016 : Art Preparatory School (Atelier de Sèvres in Paris)

2015 : 6 month internship at Éditions courtes et longues (publishing house in Paris)

2014-2015 : Master’s degree in Publishing (Paris-Sorbonne University)

2013-2014 : Modern Litterature degree (Paris-Sorbonne University)

2011-2013 : Preparatory classes in Litterature (Fénelon Highschool in Paris)