UX/UI interface. Set in Panamera.


alentours (meaning surroundings in French) is an application aiming to encourage discovering a city and its history through free strolling.

It is based on the conception of the city as a physical space, filled with history and opportunities, to be discovered and invested.

This application and interface were founded on the following questions:
• is it possible to get rid of notions like efficency and productivity when it comes to digital products?
• how can we encourage strolling, curiosity and sideway steps?
• how to create a digital tool while encouraging disconnection?
• how can digital can be used to discover a city and its heritage?

alentours also includes a "details" system, which allows the user to get more information on various architectural, historical, visual, etc. elements, according to their settings.

alentours application city splashscreen alentours application city map alentours application city system alentours application city details